Public Speakers trivia: Did you know that fear of dying is the #2 fear in America? Fear of public speaking is actually #1. That means most folks would rather die than do what I do for a living! 🙂

I don't take that information for granted. I'm fully aware that the passion I have for speaking to groups is a God-given calling and I'm extremely grateful to be walking out my calling in this way.

My educational background is in "Interpersonal & Group Communication" and I've made good use of that knowledge in my speaking/training career these past 18 years.

As a Corporate Training Instructor I've had the privilege to teach in workplace settings on a global scale with audiences ranging in numbers from 20 to more than 200 and I've LOVED every moment!

As a Speaker for women's events it's been my absolute joy to work with groups of all sizes - from midweek Bible studies to full weekend retreats. I've delivered talks in both English and Spanish and I thank God for every amazing opportunity!

Featured Speaking Topics

  • Who do you think you are?: How do we decide who we are? What voices are contributing to our self esteem? We'll chat about "the committee" that lives in our head and just what we can do about it. We'll also explore what God has to say about us and what He thinks we're worth. It's a journey worth taking. 🙂


  • The 2 plans for your life:  A God's Girl chat based on John 10:10. We'll talk about the two paths laid out for us and what it means to choose one or the other. God has a definite plan for our lives. The enemy of our souls has one too, and works every trick in the book to convince us his is the way to go. We'll discover what it takes to make the right choice and stay about our Father's business.


  • Adventures in Grace: Living out your calling : What is God's purpose for you? How can you walk in your calling? Practical steps based on biblical principles.


  • Nope, this is NOT another anti-bullying talk (a message for teens): A humorous chat on a very serious subject. We talk about how bullying is being dealt with today, how we (Christian "Old people") are guilty of it too, how it was dealt with "in MY day" and how it was already going on in Jesus' day. We go past the "be nice to others" appeal and deep into what God did and said about it.


Comedy - It's funny because it's true!

I incorporate sections of humor in every one of my talks and/or training workshops. It's not set up as "okay, here come the jokes." My mind doesn't work like that. 🙂 I just simply chat about certain subjects that I know we can all relate to on some level. The magic of being able to say "yes! me too!" is a powerful tool.

Some of the topics that may be interspersed throughout my talks are:

  • mid life shenanigans
  • Made in America - with Cuban parts
  • Chubby Chick Problems
  • Confessions of a caffeine queen
  • My "inside" voice


Speaking fees vary based on the following information:

  • Time requested (one evening - one 30-40 minute talk, 1 evening emcee to welcome, introduce speakers, provide comedy between segments - 4 hour commitment, or a weekend retreat schedule)
  • Group size
  • Event Location

Training Workshop Fees will vary on group size & location.

Please provide the above information when you fill out the "Contact" form. It is my privilege to work with every group and every budget size so please don't hesitate to submit your request. I'm very much looking forward to working with you!