Mercy has over 16 years of experience facilitating workshops for all types of audiences, from corporate groups to at risk teens. 

Her training topics include effective communication skills, customer service excellence, and faith based development courses. 

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  • Communicating with Humans: A practical and interactive training on learning to express yourself accurately as well as understand others better. We discuss the art of asking the right questions, based on the purpose of the conversation, the magic of active listening, and other tools to improve the effectiveness of group as well as interpersonal communication. Applicable to workplace as well as personal interaction.


  • Thriving through Transition: An interactive training offering practical strategies on how to move from one stage of your life to another with satisfying results.  Whether its going from college to the workforce, embracing the "empty nest" after kids leave home, or figuring out what comes next after retirement, this workshop will allow you to work through your own individual circumstances and create a practical action plan.


  • He Said/She Said - Communication in Marriage: This workshop is co-taught with my husband, Jeff Rice - Licensed Mental Health Counselor. We provide a funny and insightful look at how we communicate with our spouse. We'll cover practical steps that can be taken to powerfully improve the way we both express ourselves as well as understand each other.


  • Emotional Boundaries: We teach people how to treat us. Setting boundaries and safeguarding them can be difficult, though - especially when it comes to family & friends. Mercy packs this 4 hour workshop with Godly wisdom, personal insight, and practical application to help you understand the need for establishing solid boundaries. She also guides you through the creation of a personalized action plan to help put a stop to unacceptable "trespassing" in your relationships.