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The DISC Communication Style Workshop helps individuals, couples, and/or groups improve their communication, cooperation, and effectiveness. DISC is a tool that helps people understand the different behavioral styles people use when communicating and interacting with others.

DISC - Communication Assessment & workshop
 Workshops  & Webinars

Do you have a difficult time saying “no” or telling others what you want from them?  Do you ever feel taken advantage of by family members or friends but you don't know how to address it or make it stop?

If so, setting strong, clear, healthy boundaries or limits can increase your effectiveness in getting your needs met, maintaining your self-respect, and taking better care of yourself.

Setting Emotional Boundaries

This fun and informative workshop offers the perspective of "He" Jeff, my husband of 31 years and a Psychotherapist who specializes in marriage counseling and "She" (that's me) an interpersonal communication professional who tries hard to apply all that professional knowledge to everyday life! 

Together we address basic reasons for breakdown in communication in marriage and offer simple but effective ways to overcome those obstacles and have FUN doing it! 

He Said - She Said
Fun & Effective Communication in Marriage!